brolores park

May 07 2010

Seems like some bros made a video about “chilling in the park” set to a relevant chillwave song by the Official Chilling Soundtrack of 2010.5, Toro y Brah. Feel like nothing about this is “not brobvious” [via kewt hula hoop girls, multiple washed-out heart sunglasses closeups, “this is gonna go on a blog” outtakes]. Still, feel like maybe “that is the point”. About a year ago when I started this blog I was like this lonebro who just moved to SF and was like “in my ideal brociety just want 2 chill and listen to chill tracks in the sun with my bros”, and felt like that was kind of somehow “alt” then [via the electrowars winding down, bros needing to learn how to “get out of the house/club/dj booth”]. But all memes reach a saturation point and I feel like “chilling with my bros in the sun” is reaching maximum brahpacity, kinda like the park. Feel like the park is a “visual representation” of a meme growing in popularity. Feel like videos about the park are trying to capture this ‘maximum meme state’ and feed it back into the internet in a continual meme loop that we can all just kind of chill to and feel like we’ve all been “part of something” that transcends the boundary between reality/the internet.

In short, I feel like it’s ok that Brolores Park is mainstream now. Seems like this will all just force us all to “chill harder” and figure out new ways to represent ourselves as a brommunity that can then be brocumented and discovered by new bros….

sorry bros trailed off there feeling 2 chill 2 type [via chillwaving]

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